G.S Mechenical Works

Welcome To G.S Mechenical Works

In addition to producing, G.S. Mech Corpn. also manufactures a variety of industrial sewing machines, including those used for sewing textiles and knitting as well as making snap button machines, sewing blankets, quilting bed covers, and applying hot fixes. Gold Stitch is our import label for a variety of sewing and finishing machines, including computerised embroidery machines, quilting machines, and garment sewing machines.

For Professional-Level Sewing and Finishing, Look No Further than Gold Stitch Sewing Machines. The success of a company is directly tied to its ability to innovate. Improvements like shorter wait times, cheaper prices, and more convenient options are all the consequence of persistent effort. At GS, we are always testing new designs and methods for improving the efficiency of our Garment Sewing and Finishing Machines.

As the world enters a new era of textile recycling, Eros Group is ready to keep up with the demand.